The way the light shines through a fountain and creates a rainbow next to the water.

A Gilmore Girls marathon after a bad day.

Reminding myself how lucky I am to have the job that I have, and that they let me work on day less per week so that I can volunteer, and that they let me take extra leave so that I can spend time with my family overseas.

Finally getting into soccer for this World Cup, then watching Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in an incredibly exciting match. 

Guess I can call myself a soccer fan now?

Nothing’s changed; you’re just the way I found you. (So happy I made the right decision and left you behind)
Chantelle Davis

Swimming in the pouring rain in the afternoon in wet season.

Transporting the residents of our apartment to a much swankier one owned by a friend in KL, Malaysia for a long weekend! 

Spending Saturday night at home eating a home-cooked German meal with my wonderful partner and housemates.

I’m not normally into dogs, but I’m grumpy today and my colleague sent me this, and it made me smile. And I love leaves.

This beautiful song makes me so happy I can listen to it on repeat all day.